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.....This is a non-profit website which was established since April 2004. It was aimed to promote worlds advance scientific knowledge especially for our modern theoretical physics. Anyone who has creative idea was welcomed to share his idea without any restriction; nationality, education, sex or age.



.....The owner (also the author) is Mr. Nimit Theeraleekul B Eng. (Communication) who have fallen in love but unhappy with modern theoretical physics theories. Of course, we have to accept their predictability and accuracy, but it comes with something weird like a magic!

.....The crucial and obvious problem in the theories is that there is no philosophical idea behind. And we may say that it is lack of what is called the "mechanism" which explains how the theories work! Instead of trying to improve the theories by adding a more rational idea, it was pushed toward the way of scientific fiction. Here we try to improve the theories by adding a more reasonable idea, then make them to the more complete theories!



.....This website was started with the first original article "Vacuum mechanics a new approach to the theory of everything (VMTE) ". Then it was expanded to the articles as follow;

  • Completed Maxwell electromagnetic field theory (CEMT)
  • Completed Einstein special theory of relativity (CSTR)
  • Completed Einstein general theory of relativity (CGTR)
  • Completed quantum mechanical theory (CQMT)
  • Vacuum mechanics a realistic theory of everything (VRTE)
  • Completed quantum field theory (CQFT)
  • Completed standard model of particle physics theory (CSPT)
  • Miscellaneous papers:-

    1. Go beyond Einstein’s constant light speed!
    2. What really the “increasing mass” in relativity means?
    3. Believe it or not.. Nowadays no one knows what radio wave is!
    4. What is electron wave - particle duality, could we understand it?
    5. What is curved space, could we understand it?
    6. Einstein relativity vs. Aether theory.
    7. Dark energy is in front of your eyes
    8. What really the “time dilation” in relativity means?

.....Pocketbook "The universe in our hand" was written for general people who are not the professionals, but interest in the advance of modern physics!